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Servite sisters are dedicated to Mary, the Virgin of the Annunciation, and Mary, the Mother of Sorrows. Mary’s patient suffering and her presence at the foot of the cross embodies our charism which is one of compassionate presence.  By her example the dimensions of our vision is expanded enabling us be more aware ‘of the poor of Yahweh’ 

As sisters we normally live in community and put ourselves and our gifts at the service of the Church’s mission, welcoming others in a spirit of hospitality. Prayer and contemplation coupled with ministry is integral to our lives.   

                                   (Adapted from the Constitutions of the Servite Sisters)


There are many forms of being linked with the congregation not least of which is by friendship, prayer and Association. Membership which entails a long period of formation enables the candidate and the congregation to explore together a journey in faith.  The lengthy process helps to clarify intentions permitting the necessary courage for the next stage of commitment.

Commitment usually by vow or promise is a sacred contract permitting partnership with the Congregation in mission and ministry.  Over a period of several years these contracts are evaluated and if requested may lead to permanent membership.