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Charlotte Huetteman, osm

Monday, July 27, 2015

Participating in General Chapter 2015 has-been an opportunity to experience the gift of our diversity. It is good to be apart of the cultural mix That olefins our identity as internationally. What a blessing to be at home with one Reviews another Throughout the days of shared prayer, dialogue and decision making. Added to this is the depth of reflection and creativity, music and laughter, That filled Each Day. Old stories and new memories Remembered Were Were created in our time together. The geographical distances and differences separate us That vanished in the celebration of being white Servite. 


Participate in the General Chapter in 2015 was the opportunity to experience the gift of our diversity. It's nice to be part of the cultural mix that defines our identity as an international. What a blessing to feel comfortable with each other, throughout these days to share prayer, dialogue and decision making. Add to that the deep thinking, creativity, music and laughter that fill each day. We talked anecdotes and old stories and created new memories during these moments together. Geographic distance and differences between us disappeared in the celebration of our Servite kind.

Charlotte, OSM