Servite Sister Vocation

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An Epilogue written by M. Philomena Juliana osm on January 3rd, 1875 speaks eloquently of following Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows which is one of our main devotions. “Our Lady did not remain on Calvary where her beloved had been crucified, nor at the door of the sepulchre, but returned to the dreadful town where Jesus was no more. She had lessons to give; she had to console Magdalen, to encourage the repentant Peter, and I dare say many other acts of charity to perform. She also consented to remain on earth without Jesus, after His ascension to Heaven, to help the Church, though the privation of the sensible presence of her Son must have caused her a martyrdom never to be conceived by any of us. Could we then, the Servants of Mary, remain peacefully at the feet of Jesus after the lessons she has given us and the promises we have received for persevering faithfully in our hard task of sacrificing ourselves for the good of others?—"Remember that you do not work for your own interests but those of the Church”.