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Compassion through prayer and presence


‘When I was homeless you gave me a home”

(Matt 25:35, adapted)

The history of the Servite Sisters in Austria tells how the Servite Congregation has been, and still is, a compassionate presence in the lives of people.

The Community began in Gratzen (today’s Czech Republic) in 1893 with the establishment of a “Kinderheim” – an orphanage-school for young children.  In the following years, safe and loving homes were provided for young people in the “Kolpinghauser”, and the “Seniorheim” created an environment of peace, companionship, consolation and spiritual and physical care for the aged members of society.

The Sisters’ missionary spirit took them to Swaziland, Africa in 1930-1960, and to America in 1948-1977 where they established a Nursing Home in Oregon.

Located in Mauer, Vienna, the Servite Community in Austria today comprises 6 Sisters and one Candidate in formation.  Small in number, survivors of two World Wars and major political upheavals in Europe, they are women whose faith and courage are strong, and whose compassion is born out of their own Community’s suffering.

The Sisters share a common mission with the rest of the international Congregation of Servants of Mary:  to be a compassionate presence in today’s world.  For them, it is praying for the needs of a world filled with strife and loneliness.