Saints and Blesseds of the Servants of Mary

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The Servite order has twenty-six Saints and Blesseds

most of them lived in the earlier centuries of the Order and came from the towns and cities in Italy where the first priories were established.

Taken together, these Servants of Mary from the past - men and women, lay people, brothers, ordained priests – have left a rich and varied tradition of prayer and service to the Church.  They prayed, they preached, they begged for the poor and for themselves; they taught, they cared for the sick, they went up into the mountains to pray.

Historical records of the Saints and Blesseds are limited.  In some cases, there were contemporary accounts in the monasteries where they lived, but often the details of their lives were written well after their deaths.  From the material available, it is not possible to give totally accurate biographical information of these early Servites.  Their lives and dedication to manifesting God’s compassionate presence in the spirit of Mary have the ability to continue to inspire future generations.