Congregation Timeline

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We write history for the sake of ourselves, so that we will have a clear understanding of who we are, and how we have become what we are. 

                                                                                                    -Sr. Felecity McKeon, OSM 1999


1821 Marie Guyot was born in Langres, France
1841 Permission is given to open a primary school in Cuves
1841 Marie Guyot moved to Cuves, Franc
1843 School expanded to a boarding school
1845 Congregation formed and was named The Sisters of Calvary, consecrated to Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows
1848 French Revolution began
1849 Marie Guyot died of typhoid fever
1849 Mother John Vannier was chosen as Superior
1851 Two sisters were sent to London, to learn English and to begin work as missionaries
1852 Remaining community in Cuves left for England and missionary work
1852 The Sisters began to teach in a RAGGED SCHOOL (for the poorest of St. Giles’ poor), newly opened by the Oratorian Fathers.  There were 500 pupils in a disused factory in DUNN’S PASSAGE, mostly poor Irish immigrants
1857 Name of congregation changes to Sisters of Compassion
1861 Sister M. Philomena Morel was elected as General Superior
1864 The Sisters of Compassion are aggregated to the Order of the Servants of Mary (Servites) and become Mantellate of the Third Order of Servants of Mary
1867 Sisters are sent to Le Raincy, France to begin an orphanage
1871 Sisters are sent to Wisconsin, United States, to teach in the school of the Servite Fathers
1874 Sisters return from the United States to England
1892 Sisters return to United States.  They begin teaching in Wisconsin and Indiana
1894 Sisters open an orphanage in Gratzen, Bohemia
1894 Mother M. Antonia Loughnan was elected second Prioress General
1902 Sisters from American Province begin two missions in Illinois
1903 Anti-religious laws in France cause the closure of the three convents.  Some sisters return to England while others go to Uccle, Belgium and begin a school
1911 Sisters from the US move to Iowa to begin teaching in local schools
1914 World War I begins
1917 Mother M. Scholastica Britten, elected third Prioress General
1918 Sisters from American Province expand teaching to Nebraska
1920 Sisters of the US expand teaching to Colorado and Michigan
1922 Present US Motherhouse was built
1931 Sisters of the US move to upper New York to teach in grade school and high school
1938 The congregation has grown large enough that three provinces are established – the English, American, and French provinces. With the outbreak of World War II, communications between the provinces is severely limited
1939 World War II officially declared
1945 Germany officially surrendered
1945 Mother M. Bernarda Butler was elected fourth Prioress General
1952 Five sisters leave London to make a foundation in Browns Town, Jamaica, in to open a boarding school
1953 Four sisters from the French Province set sail for Canada to open a school at Brook Island
1962 Congregation of Our Lady of Dolours from Brussels and Wezembeek, Belgium, amalgamate and become part of the French Province.
1963 Mother Evangelist Davis was elected fifth Prioress General
1965 Closure of Vatican Council II
1967 Three Canadian sisters begin a mission in Guatemala
1967 Sisters of the English Province accept the first foundation in Wales at Chirk
1967 Sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Compassion are received in the English Province
1969 Sr. M. Annunciata Duval was elected sixth Prioress General
1970 English Province opens a house in Scotland
1972 French Province establish a mission in Peru
1975 Sisters of American Province move to Arizona to begin new ministries
1981 Sister Mary Alice Haley was elected seventh Prioress General
1983 American Province expand ministry to Oregon
1985 Sisters of the English Province establish a foundation in Benburb, Ireland
1990 French Province starts a foundation in Butembo, Congo (Zaire) to work with the poor
1992 Sister M. Felicity McKeon (England) was elected eighth Prioress General
1995 The Congregation of Our Lady of Compassion, the Servite Sisters of Jolimont, Belgium, amalgamate with the congregation
2004 Sister Rose Chang was elected ninth Prioress General
French Province expands Congo mission to Katysa
2009 Sister Marie Thérèse Connor is elected tenth Prioress General
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