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Marie Guyot, 1841


The Servants of Mary/Servite roots are simple and grounded in rich soil.  In the 1841 Barbe Marie Guyot, a young French woman was asked to leave her town and moved to a small village in the eastern countryside France to teach poor young women who would otherwise not receive an education.  Led by the spirit, she taught and inspired young women in their studies, spirituality and developing hearts of compassion.  Marie’s simple desire to share her gifts is the foundation of an international religious community now located in nine countries.

We strive to live a life of simplicity as our foundress did. We manifest God’s compassionate presence in the spirit of Mary.  As sisters and associates, we are witnesses to the love that unites us in community, and dedicate ourselves in ministry and prayer to foster love and unity among all people.

Chapel in Cuves, France