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The triannual Plenary Assembly of the Union of International Superiors General took place in Rome in May. As there were 870 Superiors General participating, it was held, as always, at the Ergife Hotel, Via Aurelia, Rome, which is apparently the only hotel in Rome that is able to accommodate such a large conference.

It is always an enriching experience to participate, yet often it is quite overwhelming as so many people move from one place to another in the hotel!

The theme of the Assembly was ‘Weaving Global Solidarity for Life’ and we had some excellent speakers addressing various perspectives of this topic. It seems that ‘collaboration’ is the movement of the Spirit, throughout, at this moment in history.  We also experienced some beautiful liturgies with expressions of prayer from many of the different cultures present.  We were also privileged to have an audience with Pope Francis and he spent 90 minutes with us, addressing questions which had been invited in advance from the membership and collated into just 5 questions. It was a very ‘intimate’ moment, in spite of the fact that we there were nearly 900 of us present.

You will be able to find more news, photos and the talks from the Assembly in different languages on the website of the UISG: Just clickon the language button on the top right of the page to choose your language.

Marie Thérèse osm